Monday, February 11, 2008

represented in the caucus after all

I complained about not being able to make it to my precinct caucus, but I learned after speaking to my mom that I was well represented in spite of not being able to attend. There were four people present from my precinct: my mom, my dad, my mother-in-aw, and one non-relative. My candidate (Huckabee), got three of their votes. And my mom and mother-in-law are the delegates to the county convention, and plan to represent the Huckabee majority from our precinct.

I'm not sure what to make of all the hullabaloo over the caucus. As I understand it, Sound Politics has it right and it's all much ado about nothing. Not only is the caucus incomplete, it will only count for 51% of the delegates anyway.

And according to an article in the Seattle Times, the February 19th primary will cost the state of Washington $10 million. It doesn't seem right that the state is bearing that cost instead of the parties.

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