Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Saints by Orson Scott Card

Saints tells the story of a fictional early Mormon convert. Dinah is portrayed as a woman of extraordinarily strong character who becomes a prominent figure in the Mormon church.

The book was engaging, but it ultimately came off as an attempt to justify polygamy.

The author was adept at setting a scene and bringing his characters to life, but he often ended up talking down to the reader by spelling out the obvious instead of just letting the action show it. I also found the comical subtitles for each book out of touch with the overall tone. For example: "Book Two: In which Providence acts to provide a grown man's trade for Robert, an education for Charlie, and a husband for Dinah. As usual, Providence gets mixed reviews."

I enjoyed it enough to look for more by Card, but I'll probably try to avoid anything of his with a Mormon theme.

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Framed said...

I'm sorry you didn't enjoy this. I recently mooched it and thought it was awfully big. I am a Mormon so, hopefully, that part won't bother me, but I got it because I think he is a really good author. I just hope it's not too preachy. Don't give up on him. Try Enchanted for a fantasy theme or Ender's Game for science fiction. Both are excellent.