Friday, November 2, 2007

Cross Country State Meet

My little brother C is running in the state cross country meet tomorrow.

I'm so very jealous. It's been 10 years since my last state xc meet. I can feel the excitement. The adrenalin. The pressure.

I still have that course committed to memory, although it's changed a bit over the years. C is in lane 2, so he has to get out as fast as he can so he can make it around that first corner without getting caught in the crush. Oh, and I can hear the clicking of all the spikes as they cross the paved path there.

C is a senior this year, and he's considering not doing track in the spring. He's relieved that this is his last cross country race. He doesn't know how lucky he is! Oh to have a team to run with again. . . . The camaraderie, the time to work out for hours daily. . . .

Run fast tomorrow C! Enjoy it.

And I will strive to see take a larger view of the place I'm at in my life. I'll cherish the children in the stroller as I steal a few moments for a morning run.

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